Model European Union Strasbourg 2023

Vynikající tlumočnická praxe pro naše (skoro)absolventy nMg. Tlumočnictví.


MEUS is the largest and most realistic simulation of EU politics. It is held for a week each year since 2007 at the seat of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, a city that embodies the spirit of the European Union. The participants, young people from all over Europe and beyond, enjoy a first-hand experience of the decision-making process of the EU by taking on the roles of various policy actors: MEPs, Ministers of the Council, Interpreters, Journalists and Interest Representatives. Interpreters play a pivotal role at MEUS as they interpret speeches, debates and meetings and work between English and their mother tongue both simultaneously and consecutively. You can find more information about our project in the attached Booklet.

MEUS 2023 will take place from November 25th to December 1st  in Strasbourg and applications will be open from August 22nd until September 12th.The eligibility of applicants depends on the following criteria:

–   The applicant is a Conference Interpreting student or a recent graduate. As the level of interpreting skills is crucial, priority might be given to more advanced students who already have some interpreting experience (gained at, for instance, mock conferences, conference simulations, workshops, etc.). However, first-year students and inexperienced graduates should not be discouraged. All applications are welcome! –   The applicant’s B language is EnglishWhatever their A language, their language combination has to include English as a B language. As participants will be allowed to speak their mother tongue, English as a B language is a prerequisite to provide relay interpreting. C languages are welcome, but not obligatory.

–   The applicant’s A language is English and has a solid B language.

MEUS 2023 will be an excellent opportunity for them to put their interpreting skills to the test, meet their future colleagues in the interpreting profession and experience EU politics first-hand.

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