Projekt je v Ústavu translatologie řešen v roce 2023.

Charles University 4EU+ Minigrants 2023


Project leader at CU (full name) PhDr. Bc. Tomáš Svoboda, Ph.D.
Project Title RESONANT+ RESearch cOllaboration in the area of iNstitutional trANslator Training
Participating Universities Sorbonne University
University of Copenhagen
University of Geneva
University of Warsaw
External Partner: Ionian University, Greece
Faculty of Project leader FF
Other core team members (name, institution, department) doc. PhDr. Tomáš Duběda, Ph.D., Charles University, Institute of Translation Studies / Ústav translatologie
Mgr. Kateřina Středová, Charles University, Institute of Translation Studies / Ústav translatologie, PhD. student in Translation Studies
Prof. ucz. dr hab. Łucja Biel, Associate Professor, University of Warsaw, Institute of Applied Linguistics
Kristian Tangsgaard Hvelplund, PhD., University of Copenhagen, Department of English, Germanic and Romance Studies, Associate professor of English and Translation Studies
Fernando  Prieto  Ramos, University  of Geneva, Faculty of Translation and Interpreting, Full  Professor  and  Director  of  the  Centre  for  Legal  and  Institutional  Translation  Studies  (Transius)
Alvaro Dickson Molinares Valencia, Sorbonne University, Centre de Recherche en Juritraductologie (PhD Student)
Vilelmini Sosoni, PhD., Assistant Professor, Ionian University in Corfu, Greece, Department of Foreign Languages, Translation and Interpreting (External partner)
Flagship F2: Europeanness: multilingualism, pluralities, citizenship
Project type Research & Education
Deliverables Deliverables:

(1) Joint research in INTN, studying CPD practice in translator training in and for EU institutions and national institutions in Europe; Considering the creation of an international research centre in INTN

(2) Enabling Open Access availability for selected chapters (and/or entire book, funding permitting) of a joint publication Institutional Translator Training

(3) Preparing an application for EU funding: Alliances for Innovation (A4I)

(4) (Minor component) Updating a course outline, course syllabus, including its modular structure, for the teaching of INTN in partner universities. The initial research (cf. deliverable no. 1) will feed in to the updating exercise (research-based education)


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