Translation & Interpreting

BA Study Programmes

  • English for Intercultural Communication
  • French for Intercultural Communication
  • German for Intercultural Communication, Interkulturelle Kommunikation und Translation Tschechisch – Deutsch
  • Russian for Intercultural Communication
  • Spanish for Intercultural Communication

MA Study Programmes

  • Translation: Czech and English
  • Translation: Czech and French
  • Translation: Czech and German
  • Translation: Czech and Russian
  • Translation: Czech and Spanish


  • Interpreting: Czech and English
  • Interpreting: Czech and French
  • Interpreting: Czech and German
  • Interpreting: Czech and Russian
  • Interpreting: Czech and Spanish


Course of Study

The programme of studies is organized on two levels. The BA level is a common core curriculum programme that is completed with a comprehensive examination and a BA thesis defence. At the MA level, completed with a state examination and an MA thesis defence, students specialize in translation and/or interpreting.

Courses in both consecutive and simultaneous interpreting are core courses in the curriculum of students specializing in interpreting. Work placement of a minimum of 15 workdays per each language pair and per specialization is obligatory for all students.

Both the three-year BA and the two-year MA translator and interpreter training programmes involve the following six languages:

  • Czech
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Russian
  • Spanish

Any language on offer for translator and interpreter trainees can be studied either in combination with the other languages or with another field of humanities.

The curriculum maintains a careful balance between practical training, on the one hand, and theoretical background in translation studies and related disciplines together with the development of academic analytical skills and critical thinking on the other.

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