Our research has focused on translation studies and related fields such as contrastive linguistics, lexicography, literary studies, and comparative literature.

We are the co-founder of two departmental research projects – Language as a Human Activity, its Product and Agent and the Fundamentals of the Modern World as Reflected in Literature and Philosophy.

In addition to the already existing journal series Translatologica Pragensia, the Institute founded the international series Folia Translatologica. Besides these two series, the major publications in the past decade include:

  • Tradition vs. Modernity: from the Classical Period of the Prague School to the Translation Studies of the Final Decades of the 20th Century(2008)
  • Tajemná translatologie (proceedings from our Czech Translation Colloqium) (2008)
  • Folia Translatologica (a collection of articles in English and French-based on outstanding theses defended by our MA students) (2008)
  • Já píši Vám / Evžen Oněgin v českých překladech (a study on Eugene Onegin in Czech translations) (2009)
  • Historia de las traducciones checas de literaturas de Espana e Hispanoamirica (2006)
  • Translation and Interpreting: Socio-Cultural Perspectives (2006)
  • Český překlad 1945–2004 (proceedings from our Czech Translation Colloqium) (2006)
  • Český překlad 1945–2003 (proceedings from our Czech Translation Colloqium) (2005)
  • Czech and Slovak Bibliography of Translation Studies (2004)
  • Annotated Shakespeare’s Plays in Jiří Josek’s Translations



  • European Masters in Conference Interpreting (EMCI)
  • Optimising Professional Translator Training in a Multilingual Europe (OPTIMALE)
  • Thematic Network Project in Languages (TNP)
  • Multilingual Terminology Database (Practeast/Copernicus)
  • Equal Access to Justice across Language and Culture (Aequitas/Groitus)
  • Instruments for Lifting Language Barriers in Intercultural Legal Proceedings (Agis)
  • Euroconference “Textology and Translation” (Euresco)
  • e-Content Localization Resources for Translator Training (eCoLoRe)
  • Multi-European Doctoral Research Programme in Translation Studies, headed by the Catholic University of Leuven (Sokrates TRANSPhD project)
  • Bibliography of Czech and Slovak Research in Translation Studies
  • The Status of Literary Translation after 1945 (a doctoral project supported by the Czech Science Foundation)
  • Czech and French prosody: a typological comparison (a research project supported by the Czech Science Foundation)
  • Support for implementing the Institute of Translation Studies into the structure of the European Mater’s in Translation (EMT)
  • Virtual audio-visual database of recordings for consecutive and simultaneous interpreting (DAVID)
  • Videoconferences as a modern communicational instrument for improving the practical instruction of interpreting disciplines
  • Development of life-long learning courses for state administration – community interpreting in relations with foreigners and minority groups
  • Development, preparation and proposal for specific modules of life-long learning interpreting courses focusing on the issue of the European Union and the needs of public and state administration
  • Preparation of life-long learning courses for university teachers of translation and interpreting
  • Jiří Levý’s The Art of Translation in English (in cooperation with John Benjamins)
  • The potential and scope of intercultural communication – a contribution to the research carried out on the meta-lingual limitations of translation (supported by the Czech Science Foundation)
  • Innovation and development of the study programme Translation and Interpreting at the Institute of Translation Studies, Faculty of Arts, Charles University Prague (supported within the agenda of the operational programme Prague – Adaptability, financed by the European Union)
  • Sustainable Employability among the Graduates of the Institute of Translation Studies (a research study)