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Obecné informace o síti EMT / General Information

Síť EMT (European Masters in Translation) sdružuje magisterské univerzitní studijní programy zaměřené na překlad. Je zaštiťována Generálním ředitelstvím pro překlady Evropské komise. Ústav translatologie je jediným pracovištěm v ČR, které bylo do této sítě přijato.

Naplňování kvalitativních cílů EMT ze strany ÚTRL / UTRL compliance with EMT quality requirements

The Institute of Translation Studies runs MA degree courses in Translation covering five foreign languages (DE, EN, ES, FR, RU). The programme was accredited by the Ministry of Education in 2011 and opened for enrolments the same year.

The MA programme is a combined degree course: students choose a combination of two foreign languages, or one foreign language plus another field of study at the Faculty of Arts. Admissions are based on a two-round entrance examination (written and oral), testing relevant BA-level competences.

The two-year curriculum caters for the development of academic and professional competences and flexibility. Students specialise in translation for international institutions, in technical translation or in literary translation.

Translation classes (core and optional) cover the major part of the curriculum. The specific domains covered are: Technical translation, Translation for international institutions, Translating journalistic texts, Literary translation, Publishing and editorial policies and practices, CAT tools, Machine Translation, and localisation, etc. The programme also includes a compulsory work placement for the student to test and refine his/her skills acquired at the university. All classes are taught by teachers with relevant expertise in the field.

The final examination includes written translation both from and into the foreign language, oral translation quality assessment, and the MA thesis defence.

Target professional competences feature the following: The graduate can provide translation and other related language services in compliance with international standards; his/her foreign language competence is C2 (cf. the European Framework of Reference for Languages); s/he has a good command of genre conventions in all working languages; s/he can use translation software; s/he is able to defend his/her translation solutions. The graduate is flexible enough to adapt to specific job requirements.

Struktura překladatelských oborů / Curricula

Překladatelství: čeština – angličtina

Překladatelství: čeština – francouzština

Překladatelství: čeština – němčina

Překladatelství: čeština – ruština

Překladatelství: čeština – španělština

Translation: Czech and English

Translation: Czech and French

Translation: Czech and German

Translation: Czech and Russian

Translation: Czech and Spanish